Who are public safety in Chainsaw Man?

Image via ComicAttack.net

Warning: Spoilers to follow.

Chainsaw Man is taking the manga world by storm after being recently collected into 12 volumes. It takes place in an alternate universe and follows the story of Denji, a poor young man with little to live for. After making a deal with an evil dog, Denji gains the ability to turn parts of his body into chainsaws.

He eventually joins the public safety Devil Hunters. This group is officially sanctioned by the Japanese government. Like the police or firefighters, the role of Public Security is to protect the civilian population, but they do not apprehend criminals or put out fires. Instead, they hunt demons, dispatching them when necessary.

Public safety officers wear formal attire, including jackets and ties (much like the American FBI), but their suits are reinforced. This allows them some protection when hunting dangerous game.

The unit deals with a variety of threats, from mundane daily calls to major disasters. They usually go after more powerful demons than private security companies. Despite all the dangers, being a public safety officer has certain advantages. These include paid days off and access to high quality health care. Makima even hints that the organization has a doctor who can reattach severed limbs.

Public Security is organized into different divisions, including special divisions. Denji joins Tokyo Special Division 4 is an experimental unit originally created by Makima. She is known to employ unusual people who operate beyond the bounds of normal society, including a variety of demons and evil hybrids. These people are considered useless by officials.

How much public safety will we see in the upcoming anime adaptation? You can know when Chainsaw Man premieres October 11.