What an alleged serial stalker says about public safety in San Francisco

SF Women Share Disturbing Dating Stories With A Man They Say Has A Pattern Of Harassment — And They’re Calling For Action

Photo from the Fifth & Mission Podcast

Salgu Wissmath/The Chronicle/The Chronicle

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A woman says she was kissed from behind by a stranger. One had a man wrap his arm around her as she walked down the street. A teenage girl was followed from her bus stop. Another woman was harassed on her way home from the grocery store.

All allege the same man was responsible: Bill Gene Hobbs, 33.

Hobbs previously came to the attention of San Francisco authorities for trespassing, false imprisonment, assault and allegedly stalking and grabbing a 15-year-old girl two years ago. But each time, the judges dismissed the charges “in the interests of justice”.

Today, a growing group of women are sharing stories on social media of dating a man they believe to be Hobbs, and they are calling for action.

Columnist Heather Knight joins host Cecilia Lei to discuss the charges, how Hobbs explained his behavior and why the case highlights concerns about public safety in San Francisco.

Photo above: Olivia was stalked a few months ago on her way to the gym by the man who allegedly terrorized women in San Francisco.