Town of Landis Receives Risk Review Awards After Public Safety Analysis

LANDIS, NC (WBTV) – The City of Landis Landis Public Safety was recognized at this week’s board meeting for completing the Law Enforcement Risk Review of the League of North Carolina Municipalities.

The department previously completed the fire department’s risk review in March 2022 and now holds the distinction of being the second municipality in North Carolina to complete both processes.

The risk review process involves a comprehensive review of service operations, policies, procedures and practices to ensure risk reduction strategies and adherence to industry standards. The review covers operations, equipment, policies, etc., and involves site visits and interviews with staff.

Completion of these processes also results in reduced costs of insurance premiums offered by the League on their property, liability and workers’ compensation products.

“I am extremely proud of the hard work and dedication of our staff who have worked diligently to meet and exceed the standards set by the League. The citizens of Landis should be proud of both departments and their dedication to providing professional and timely service,” said Dr. Zachary Lechette, Director/Chief of Public Safety for the Town of Landis.

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