The Timpson Group installs Position Imaging’s iPickup UPS Access Point in its first retail store – Simplifying Courier Pickup and Drop-Off (PUDO)

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STRATHAM, New Hampshire, Sept. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Position Imaging, Inc.a pioneer in parcel logistics and asset tracking, today announced its partnership with The Timpson Group, a UK and Irish services retailer with a portfolio of over 2,100 stores, to offer a rapid collection solution for self-service parcels in their stores with Position The new AI-based imaging technology I pick up Mail access point.

Timpson is the UK’s leading retail services provider, employing over 5,600 colleagues, with 2,000 company-owned stores and 119 Snappy Snaps franchises across the UK and Ireland. Timpson was established in 1865 and is family owned and led by John Timpson as Chairman and James Timpson as Managing Director.

Timpson is a legendary retailer focused on delivering world-class service to its communities to make life easier for its customers. This partnership with Position Imaging and their new iPickup Point is the latest example of how leading retailers are adapting to meet the needs of their customers in the new and changing era of e-commerce fulfillment. As package delivery volume continues to grow, Timpson recognized that leveraging Position Imaging’s innovative technology for courier package pickup and drop-off at Timpson stores is just one more way to better serve its customers.

James Timpson, CEO of the Timpson Group, explained: “We’ve been around since 1865, in part because we’re a forward-thinking retailer that’s always on the lookout for innovation to improve the lives of our customers and the community at large. Timpson has always been at the forefront of innovation, and we quickly embraced AI for PUDO when we realized the benefits it brings to our customers!

The iPickup Courier Access Point is a new secure parcel management system that uses AI-powered computer vision technology to provide convenient, efficient and intuitive self-service parcel pickup and drop-off (PUDO) . PUDO has become a convenient option for in-store parcel deliveries for both couriers and customers, and smart retailers are getting involved. Stores offering the PUDO service can provide frictionless convenience to their customers and drive additional foot traffic into the store, all without stopping associates from helping their customers.

Retailers need to rethink the way they do business today. With rising wages, labor shortages, and tighter product margins, they’re being more creative about what they can offer in their stores and how they can deliver new services. The iPickup Point is a shining example of how technology can enable new in-store services in a very small footprint, helping to increase foot traffic.

“Position Imaging’s advanced automation features simplify the daunting task of processing and securing tens of thousands of packages dropped off at retail locations around the world,” said Mark Ibbotson, director of retail strategy. at Position Imaging. “Retailers who embrace innovative technology can free up their associates to serve and sell, focusing them on work that enhances the shopping experience for customers. The iPickup Point is a great example of a frictionless solution for customers, delivery staff and store associates. »

About Positional Imaging
Position Imaging is a technology company focused on innovations to improve the logistics industry. The company opened its research lab in Portsmouth, NH in 2006 and quietly created the most advanced, accurate and innovative tracking technologies in the world. Its first product, Smart Package Room®has had huge success in the multi-residential market and is now adapting to retail thanks to the iPickup® platform to enhance PUDO, BOPIS and related e-commerce fulfillment operations.

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