The People Concern Announces $250,000 Matching Donation for Housing for Malibu’s Homeless Population

The People Concern, a nonprofit housing and social services agency that helps homeless people in Malibu get back on their feet and find housing, just announced that Joan and Burt Ross, Malibu residents and supporters of long-time supporter of The People Concern, will match donations made to The People Concern up to $250,000. This matching donation is the largest of its kind with the express purpose of helping homeless Malibus move into permanent supportive housing throughout Los Angeles County.

For every dollar donated to The People Concern’s “Malibu Match” program, the Rosses will double the impact up to $250,000. With these funds, The People Concern can significantly increase its housing rate beyond its current placement of 1 person per month by connecting 30 additional homeless people in Malibu with permanent housing over the next two years.

“So many of Malibu’s homeless population are ready or close to ready for permanent housing, but don’t yet have the means to make that transition,” Joan and Burt Ross said. “We hope that donations from our neighbors, coupled with our gift, will help facilitate a transformation in the lives of our less fortunate, more than doubling the rate at which Malibu’s homeless population is moving into permanent, supportive housing. support.”

The People Concern, one of Los Angeles County’s largest housing and social services agencies, has been serving homeless people in Malibu since 2016. With generous funding from the City of Malibu and hundreds of Malibu residents, The People Concern moved 54 homeless local people into permanent housing and nearly 325 people into temporary housing.

There are now about 125 homeless people in Malibu; People Concern’s Malibu Homeless Outreach Team is actively engaged with 80 of them. With funding from the Malibu Match program that bridges the gap between participants’ disposable income and rising rents, “We have the opportunity to help more than a third of our Malibu program participants take the next step and move into permanent accommodation,” said John Maceri, CEO of The People Concern.

“There are people living in the streets, in the bushes and in the vehicles. With almost no other service provider in the city, our homeless outreach team in Malibu plays a crucial role in connecting homeless people to housing services and resources,” said Jason Flores, Pacific Palisades Program Manager. and Malibu Outreach for The People Concern. Thanks to donations from Malibu Match, “our team can get closer to our goal of ensuring that everyone is housed, healthy and safe.”

The People Concern works to end homelessness through its proven approach that emphasizes housing first with wraparound services. The People Concern provides a fully integrated care system – including outreach services, housing services, mental and medical health care, addictions services, documentation assistance, link to benefits and employment services, and life skills and wellness programs – all tailored to meet the unique needs of people experiencing homelessness. 94% of program participants placed in supportive housing by The People Concern will never be homeless again.

Malibu residents and businesses are encouraged to help homeless locals move into permanent housing by participating in The People Concern’s Malibu Match program. Donations are tax-deductible, will go exclusively to permanent housing for Malibu’s unsheltered neighbors, and will be matched to have a double impact.

Donations are welcome online at, or a check (payable to The People Concern, with “Malibu Match” in the memo section) can be mailed to The People Concern, 2116 Arlington Ave., Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA 90018.

Submitted by Danielle Roman