The Howard County Education Association plans to protest the We The People 2 event at HomeSlyce Pizza in Columbia on November 9

Latest Update: HomeSlyce Pizza Bar in Columbia Cancels Controversial We The People 2 Event on November 9

Update of the article on November 4 at 1:16 p.m.: The link below to the Action Network event sponsored by the Howard County Education Association no longer works. I don’t know what that means yet but I’ll check. – Scott E.

I’ve seen this event publicized on social media for a little while now:

Is the voice of parents important?


A forum on parental voice, critical race theory, and sexually explicit material in public schools.

Here is the flyer:

Here is the event webpage:

So tonight I came across this Action Network event sponsored by the Howard County Education Association (for those who don’t know, it’s the Union for the Teachers in Howard County)

Teaching the Truth in Howard County

Instead of focusing on the real issues facing our schools (a deepening staffing crisis, mental health supports for students, and workloads for educators, to name a few- uns), an anti-public education vocal group, anti-BLM activists called “We the People 2” hosted a forum on “parent voices, critical race theory and sexually explicit material in schools public” in Columbia, MD.

This group is a small minority of individuals who oppose the teaching of the true history of racism in schools, regardless of the circumstances. We cannot allow them to gain a foothold in Howard County to promote their program.

WHEN: Tuesday, November 9 at 7:00 p.m. (plan to arrive early)
WHERE: 9400 Snowden River Pkwy., Columbia, MD 21045 (outside HomeSlyce Pizza)
BRING: Homemade signs, warm clothes
RSVP on this page and share with your networks

See full details here:

None of this sounds good and the potential for confrontation is obvious.

I wonder if the Howard County Police Department is aware of this event, this demonstration, and do they intend to attend to make sure everything goes well.

Plus… you must now be wondering about the other businesses in this tiny mall and how they will be affected by a protest that night:

It’s all just kind of sad to watch play out…before it even happens.

I have contacted a representative from We The People 2 as well as HCEA President (Colleen Morris) for additional information or comments on this article. I haven’t heard from anyone yet, but if I do, I’ll update you here on this article (or if need be in a new article).

I might also contact the HCPD tomorrow in case they intend to monitor the situation in Colombia on the 9th.

Scott E.