Sylvester Stallone Releases Cheeky Expendables 4 Video Starring Jason Statham

Sylvester Stallone posts cheeky video with Jason Statham from filming The Expendables 4, suggesting he’s “leaving” the franchise.

Sylvester Stallone posted a naughty new video from the set of The Consumables 4 with Jason Statham, saying he’s “leaving” the set to his co-star. Stallone created The Expendables in 2010, with the main character, Barney Ross, the head of a mercenary company with a group of tough recruits who travel the world taking on high-stakes assignments for big paydays. The series was meant to be a throwback to ’80s and ’90s action movies, bringing the stars of the era back to teaming up from one movie to the next. so far, The Expendables spawned two sequels, featuring stars like Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Antonio Banderas, among others.


The Expendables 3 took a detour, bringing in a young cast and going for a PG-13 rating, making it the lowest-grossing installment in the franchise. Now the fourth entry, the aptly titled Spend4bles, is looking to reunite more older stars, including Dolph Lundgren and Randy Couture, while recruiting newer (but polished) action stars. This includes those of Asian cinema, such as LoweringIko Uwais (as main villain) and Tony Jaa. also entering the Consumables franchise for the first time is Andy Garcia, Megan Fox and 50 Cent.

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In a new video posted by stallion (which appears to be an “old” video), the actor cheekily teases Consumables 4 co-star Statham about “leaving“, saying the actor will be alone. Statham feigns sadness, saying, “It’s going to be a very lonely set, now he’s leaving us. It’s called a mutiny. This is called abandonment.“Stallone responds by saying Statham is”more than capable there, captain‘, implying he’s quitting the actor responsible for the group as he makes his exit. Check out the full exchange below:

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Although the video makes it seem like it’s just a little fun to show off the camaraderie between two actors on set, it can’t help but feel a little ominous for the suggestions and theories that say Stallone doesn’t won’t just leave. The Expendables franchise, but that he will be killed in Expenses. Recently, footage was revealed of the latest CinemaCon entry, along with a poster, both of which featured Stallone as “And Sylvester Stallone”, suggesting its share is much smaller this time around. It was also theorized that Stallone would hand over The Expendables to Statham’s character, Lee Christmas, as a spin-off film featuring his character was rumored as early as 2020.

This latest Stallone set video doesn’t look like it was posted accidentally. and the stories continue to pile up in favor of the legendary actor ending his tenure with The Expendables. It’s entirely possible that his Barney Ross didn’t die, but merely played a supporting role (similar to Mickey Rourke’s character in The Expendables), but if the fourth entry wants to take a risk, killing Ross is a good move. Stallone has distanced himself from various franchise roles lately, including Rocky and Rambo. Instead, he’s opted for new roles suited to his age range, like next year’s superhero movie. The Samaritan and the Taylor Sheridan-produced gangster series, king of tulsa. Either way, Stallone has at least created a franchise that can continue to pass the torch for decades to come, whether Consumables 4 serves as an exit or not.

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