Strong words about Trump supporters in Prescott Park: Letters

City Attorney Sullivan shows bias in favor of Trump supporters in park

August 30 – To the editor:

Portsmouth’s legal department has been investigating the presence of Trump supporters in Prescott Park and Robert Sullivan, a lawyer in the town, has been interviewed about it, as this morning’s edition of the Seacoastonline reports.

In my view, his obvious bias makes most of Mr. Sullivan’s statements suspect. He spent an afternoon in the park and concluded that “…what has most annoyed people (referring to those who have complained about the group’s presence and activities) is the simple fact that they were supporting Donald Trump.” It is reckless, inflammatory and misleading for our city’s legal representative to express such an opinion without more basis than his own limited observations. If there is real evidence to support such a statement, it should be made available to the public.

According to the report, Sullivan also had this to say: “…at times, the presence of Trump supporters has led to ‘bitter verbal exchanges’ between ‘individuals speaking out in the park in support of Donald Trump and more occasional visitors to the park’. What exactly is the definition of a “casual” visitor to the park, and how does such a visitor compare to an alleged “non-casual” Trump supporter? Do the rights and opinions of the occasional visitor matter less in such a classification? And from which side springs the bitterness? One can only speculate that the behavior of Trump supporters in the presence of a city lawyer and/or Portsmouth police could deviate significantly from that observed without the presence of these observers.

After:Trump supporters in Portsmouth’s Prescott Park: is there a problem?

There are many points to discuss before this question is resolved, but I will leave that to others. In the meantime, I encourage Mr. Sullivan’s potential bias to be assessed and considered. If my assessment is upheld, he should recuse himself or be excused from further investigation or discussion.

Anne Birner


Trump supporter’s ‘Bizarro World’ in Prescott Park

August 31 – To the Editor:

One of the leaders of a group of Trump supporters who regularly show up at Prescott Park. (“Trump Supporters Spark Debate”, Portsmouth Herald, August 30, 2022) claims that while there in his Trump paraphernalia he was verbally assaulted by anti-Trump bystanders and that does not sit well with him. “I’ve been called everything you can imagine. I have been cursed many times,” he said. “People call me names and say all kinds of things.” He says he intends to keep going to Prescott Park to support the former president “until Trump is back in power.”

Let’s see if I understand the Trump supporter’s position. He supports a former president who has cursed, cursed and hurled cruel and childish insults at his opponents and the “Others” for years…. never a kind word other than for Putin. In the meantime, he would like to be respected by his fellow citizens. Boy is so rich!

James T.Lalos


Pantelakos endorses Jackie Cali-Pitts for Portsmouth Ward 1 State Rep

August 30 – To the editor:

The only primary contest in Portsmouth is in Ward 1 between the incumbent and someone unknown to the residents of Ward 1. Representative Jackie Cali-Pitts works very hard in Concord to protect Portsmouth voters. Please vote for Representative Jackie Cali Pitts.

Representative Laura Pantelakos


Here’s an example of Trump lining his pockets

August 31 – To the Editor:

A letter writer asks me to “provide any evidence” that Trump is lining his pockets. Fox News reported on Sept. 17, 2020, that Trump’s Bedminster Golf Course charged the Secret Service $1.1 million during the COVID lockdown, when the former president wasn’t even there. It’s the very definition of lining your pockets. I am a board member of a few local non-profit associations. We must sign conflict of interest agreements stating that we will not personally benefit financially from our service. Should I be held to a higher standard than the President of the United States?

Jay Lieberman


Katherine Harake for the NH Executive Council

August 31– To the Editor:

It’s an underrated political office, but the Executive Council makes decisions that affect all New Hampshire citizens. Katherine Harake will do the important work that Janet Stevens doesn’t! Even though all of the financial evidence proves that Planned Parenthood uses no state or federal funding for abortion services, Ms. Stevens voted to void our state contract and defund them. Ms. Stevens voted not to accept the $26 million federal COVID funding. His reasons are not based on reading the information or on the good judgment of our fellow citizens. Its decisions are entirely political and self-serving.

When voting, please choose Katherine Harake! Let’s have an Executive Council that can read and interpret science and knowledge rather than being ruled by repressive and far right MAGA ideology.

Stephane Petit


Doug and Stella Scamman endorse Russell Prescott for Congress

August 31 – To the Editor:

Russell Prescott is the only candidate for the first congress

district primary who has the necessary experience in the public and private sectors

to bring real change to Washington. In the State Senate, Russell balanced the

budget, cut taxes and create local jobs. Russell also served several years on

the Executive Council balancing its experience of dealing with the executive

and the legislative side of government.

He is running for Congress in New Hampshire’s First District to bring his

rich experience in Washington.

As a small business owner for nearly 40 years, Russell knows that taxes and excessive regulation hurt the private sector. He also knows what it’s like to sign both sides of a paycheck and balance a budget, which he did twice as a state senator in Concord.

Russell will bring his decades of experience and New Hampshire values ​​to

Washington. We support Russell Prescott for Congress and hope you will vote

for him on Tuesday, September 13.

Douglas and Stella Scamman


Congressman Chris Pappas helped our family with an emergency

August 31 – To the Editor:

Earlier this month my family decided to go on a last minute impromptu vacation to Montreal. What we didn’t realize was that my mother had let her passport expire. The next morning I called the National Passport Hotline to try to get an appointment, and after spending two hours on hold we were told nothing was available for the next week a few hours from road, and we were traveling in four days. I decided to contact Rep Chris Pappas’ office, to see if they could help. I was quickly put in touch with Rep. Pappas’ voter service team, and they immediately got to work. Within about an hour, they were able to contact the State Department and get us an in-person appointment to have my mom get a new passport the next day. We are very fortunate to have a Congressman like Chris Pappas who brings together a team that provides excellent service to constituents. While some run for Congress to become famous and appear on television, in Chris Pappas, we have a congressman who puts the needs of his constituents first. That’s why I’m delighted to vote to re-elect Chris for another term in November.

John Tackff

rye beach,