State Representative Patrick Abrami announces his candidacy for a seventh term

State Representative Patrick Abrami

It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Stratham and all of NH for the past 12 years. I am officially announcing my candidacy for my seventh term in order to continue fighting to ensure that New Hampshire remains the greatest state in the Union to raise a family, earn a living, open a business and have an exceptional quality of life. Here are the top eight reasons why those at Stratham should allow me to continue to represent them:

Reactive: When constituents call me, I always answer. Not only do I answer, but I make their problem my problem. I will contact state officials, usually commissioners, to arrange meetings that I will attend with those who have the problem. Most problems are solved, with a solution found quickly. However, these issues sometimes require a legislative solution, which leads me to introduce legislation that I introduce into the legislative process.

Trusted Leadership: For six years, I served as Vice Chair of the Ways and Means Committee. With the retirement of my 12-term president, I am set to be president of the next session. My leadership ability has been called upon to chair four different commissions on a wide range of topics: the legalization and commercialization of marijuana; valuation of utility ownership; the health and environmental effects of 5G; and the global combined reporting method to be used in the international business tax allocation. I was also asked to chair two joint commissions with the Senate: review of tax expenditures and rear-facing car seats. I also served on three additional commissions: to assess the distribution of taxes among the states; charitable gaming controls; and the cancer group Seacoast as well as two other joint committees with the Senate: response to the US Supreme Court’s South Dakota decision against Wayfair and citizen engagement.

Bipartisanship: I am respected by members of both parties for my knowledge, my work ethic and my cooperative style. My peers know that I will always work hard to achieve consensus without sacrificing my fundamentals. Being respected and recognized as a person of your word by your legislative peers is key to success at Concord.

Legislative action: I am the main sponsor or co-sponsor of an average of 10 bills per year. I file bills for constituents, for the Stratham Select Board or commissions, for government agencies like the Department of Revenue, and for other groups like charities. Many of my bills have co-sponsors from both parties. My record of bills through the gauntlet of the legislative process and in the governor’s office is very respectable.

Consensus Builder: Many of the bills that come before my Ways and Means Committee may be a good idea, but need work. Often I’m asked to chair a subcommittee to determine if it’s worth saving and, if so, to work with subcommittee members to build consensus around new language. I have always adopted a tone of fairness and patience when we strive to resolve issues. But I also know how to hold on when the situation requires it. My favorite and most rewarding role as a legislator is to solve long-standing problems.

Common Sense: When I vote, I always fall back on our common sense values ​​as a state, which has resulted in our state being ranked number one in every major category. The other thing I monitor is whether a bill is constitutional and making sure there are no unintended consequences created by the passage of a bill. I strive to ensure that our state continues to be ranked number one in quality of life year after year and have the fewest families living below the federal poverty level, as we do year after year. .

Life Experiences: I bring my quantitative educational background with a BS and MS in Industrial Engineering/Operations Research to make NH an effectively and efficiently run state. My 43 years as an owner/partner of a healthcare operations consulting firm in which I have personally consulted in 37 states and DC at over 400 hospitals, gives me insight into the importance of building a climate to attract business. When you live and work in other states, you get a better appreciation for the great state we have. My life experiences provide me with a balanced perspective when considering issues that come before the Concord Legislative Assembly.

Tax Fighter: As a senior member of the House Ways and Means Committee with 12 years of experience, I am well positioned to keep the overall tax burden on our citizens low. Over the past seven years, we have steadily reduced our corporate income tax and corporate tax rates. This has resulted in record tax revenues for businesses. We recently reduced the room and board tax by half a percent and are in the process of eliminating the interest and dividend tax by 1% per annum until it reaches zero over a period of five years. We have invested in our state liquor stores to ensure they continue to generate record net revenues for the state. Many new products have been added to the lottery, such as sports betting, through which our lottery commission is setting new revenue records for our education trust fund. These are all things that I participated in to move forward. In the last two terms alone, I’ve fought an income tax, a sales tax, a capital gains tax, and a ski tax, all things that preceded the ways and means. NH should not imitate the tax policies of all these high tax bankrupt states, these states should imitate NH

To all Stratham voters, I would appreciate your vote. With this vote, I promise to continue to work hard for each of you as we move forward as a state over the next two years.

Patrick Abrami is a Republican State Representative from Stratham.