Somersworth woman charged with fatal charge of distributing fentanyl-meth

BRENTWOOD, NH – The following individuals were recently charged in Rockingham County Superior Court.

Lucas E. Davidson, 24, of Route 103 in Newbury on a charge of criminal possession of methamphetamine on October 9, 2021, in Portsmouth.

Michael Deschesne, 31, of Old Portland Avenue in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, for reckless driving, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of a mixture of fentanyl and tramadol, all felonies. He was charged with changing seats inside a moving vehicle on Interstate 95 in Greenland on June 13, 2021. Previously, according to the indictment, he had been convicted of possession of drugs by York District Court in March 2018.

Ahmed M. Duale, 27, of Bartlett Street in Lewiston, ME, for reckless driving with an extended jail sentence with a deadly weapon and two charges of reckless driving with a deadly weapon, all felonies. He was charged with driving recklessly, weaving through heavy traffic at up to 105 mph with no hands on the wheel, on Interstate 95 in Greenland on April 3, endangering a Maine state trooper . Read more about this case here: Maine Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested By NH Troopers After I-95 Chase

Samantha J. Engelking, 39, of Country Ridge mobile home park in Rochester for criminal possession of methamphetamine on August 2, 2021 in Portsmouth.

Michael John Foye, 46, of Webster Street in Manchester for burglary, theft by unauthorized taking and receiving charges of theft of property, all felonies. He was charged with robbing a garage in Sandown on April 11 and stealing a chainsaw and a set of torches.

Michael J. Glidden, 53, of Greendale Avenue in Methuen, Mass., for felony receiving. He was charged with disposing of building and building materials belonging to Hampstead’s Dreamscape Development on February 19.

Sandra J. Gowell, 64, of Tobey Road in New Gloucester, ME, on a felony felony charge with threatening to kill a weapon. She was charged with pointing a handgun at another person in Stratham on March 17.

Sara J. Harriman, 39, of Franklin Street in Somersworth, on selling controlled drugs resulting in death and selling controlled drug charges. She was charged with distributing a mixture of fentanyl and methamphetamine and killing another person on May 24, 2021 in Portsmouth. Previously, according to the indictment, she had been convicted of a prior offence.

Sean P. Houlihan, 51, of Shepard Avenue in Salem on a criminal charge of threatening to fire a weapon. He was charged with displaying a gun and pointing it at another person in Hampton on September 20, 2021.

Peter D. Ikier, 43, of Thornhill Road in Stratham for criminal threats-deadly weapons-domestic violence, second degree assault-domestic violence, kidnapping-domestic violence, criminal restraint and three charges of second degree assault-strangulation- domestic violence, all felonies, plus criminal mischief and 14 charges of domestic violence and common assault. He was charged with strangling, holding a knife to his neck and assaulting an intimate partner between April 1 and July 31, 2020, and October 31 and November 8, 2020.

Richard L. Jones, 47, of Lawrence Road in Salem, charged with reckless driving. He was accused of endangering an intimate partner by driving while on the hood of the vehicle on March 18 in Salem.

Duncan Mwangi Kamau, 31, of Richardson Avenue in Lowell, MA, for felony receiving. He was charged with holding a stolen 2014 GMC Savana from UHaul of Lowell, MA on August 31, 2021, in Salem.

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