Simpson vs. Sacco for House District 33 seat

Democratic State Representative Alexis Simpson is challenged by Republican Robert Sacco for the Rockingham County State House District 33 seat representing Exeter, Newfields, Newmarket and Stratham.

Alexis Simpson

Hometown: Exeter

The United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and entrusted the power to regulate abortion to the states. What should state legislators do about abortion laws?

Protecting access to safe and legal abortion care has been and will remain a priority for me at Concord. New Hampshire is the only state in New England that does not have proactive protections in state law guaranteeing access to abortion. Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, we need to act in NH to codify the protections people have relied on for fifty years. Incorporating these protections into state law will allow Granite Staters to have the freedom to make their own reproductive decisions, regardless of what happens at the federal level. Here in New Hampshire, we have a long, bipartisan tradition of protecting individual liberties and privacy, and personal medical decisions are no exception to these values; The 24-week abortion ban signed by Governor Sununu is both deeply unpopular with the Granite Staters and a dangerous step backwards in the wrong direction. Access to abortion care is an essential part of comprehensive health care and, like all medical decisions, it is a decision that should be made by the patient and not one where legislators should be allowed to intervene. It is critical that New Hampshire acts now to protect access to abortion and ensure that every Granite Stater has the freedom and autonomy to make those private medical decisions that impact their life, well-being and its future.

Residents and businesses in the state face many economic challenges, including high electricity and fuel prices, a labor shortage, a lack of affordable housing, and rising prices due to inflation. How would you meet these challenges?

Many of the challenges we face at Concord are complex problems with complex and interconnected solutions. If re-elected, I will work with my colleagues in the House to address all of these issues in a way that meets the needs of our residents and our businesses. Electricity prices are linked to the price of the source, and taking advantage of domestic renewable energy sources is essential to reduce the cost of electricity passed on to the consumer. The labor shortage is linked to the lack of affordable housing. I hear employers say that when they are able to hire, their potential employees are often unable to find affordable housing. The lack of affordable housing is a crisis, and we must use all the tools at our disposal to address it. The cost of fuel and the challenge of inflation are more affected by federal legislation than by state legislation; however, the effect of these economic factors can be mitigated by halting the downward trend in costs to property taxpayers. Legislation such as the Education Vouchers Bill, whose budget has increased to 5,000% of the original estimated cost, and corporate tax breaks are funded by raising the cost of living. This situation hurts us all. Keeping young people out of the state and allowing our elders to stay at home is especially difficult. I voted against the education bond and corporate tax relief bill and will continue to protect Granite Staters from these unfair demotions.

What else do you want voters to know about you or your political positions ahead of the November 8 election?

I have long been an advocate for sustainable agriculture and local food systems. These strengthen our community, our resilience and our local environment. Recent and ongoing supply chain issues highlight the importance of continuing to build the infrastructure to support a resilient local food economy. One way to support our local farms, build our resilience, and meet the nutritional needs of our school children is to support Farm to School programs across the state. If reelected, I will reintroduce legislation to increase our state’s commitment to the Farm to School program, allowing more schools across the state to participate and increasing the amount of local food in our schools to a total 10% of the entire state. school purchases. Maintaining strong participation in our democratic processes remains crucial to the future of our democracy. I am committed to protecting voting rights and have sponsored legislation to make remote meetings an option for cities and towns. The option of remote access and joining meetings during the pandemic has enabled more people in our communities to participate in our democracy, which has revitalized community discussions, brought new voices to the table and benefited our cities and municipalities. It has enabled parents, people with disabilities and those without easy access to transport to actively contribute to our dialogues and the development of laws at the local level.

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