Rodeo cruelty and public safety – The Vacaville Reporter

I wholeheartedly agree with Maite Kropp’s June 3 column that rodeos and bullfights should be banned worldwide. Rodeo has little to do with life on a working ranch, it’s mostly hype, a macho exercise in domination. The UK banned rodeos in 1934. Can the US be far behind? It’s no coincidence that Texas, the nation’s No. 1 rodeo state, has also been the scene of many recent mass shootings.

Another horse died at the May 22 Rowell Ranch Rodeo in Castro Valley, a 15-year-old horse that suffered a seizure and died in the ring. Only the day before a bull jumped the fence at the Redding
Rodeo, injuring six people and putting one in hospital. The bull was then captured half a mile away.

The Rowell Ranch Rodeo again presented the unsanctioned, brutal and blatantly sexist “wild cow milking contest”, despite continued opposition from the Alameda County Veterinary Medical Association, the East Bay
SPCA and nearly every other animal welfare organization in the Bay Area. An online petition has garnered over 180,000 signatures. Again, these are beef cattle, not dairy, and unaccustomed to being handled, many
minus that roughly. They are even more stressed by being separated from their still breastfeeding babies. One of these frantic cows broke her neck at the 2014 Rowell Ranch Rodeo; another a broken leg in 2004
Livermore Rodeo, requiring euthanasia and leaving orphaned calves.

This is entertainment”?

To its credit, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors banned the children’s ‘sheep cutting’ event in 2019. They are now considering banning the ‘wild cow milking contest’. Write: Alameda County Board of Supervisors, 1221 Oak Street, Oakland, CA 94612. (Board Members: Keith Carson, Chairman; Nate Miley, Dave Brown, Richard Valle and David Haubert.)

As Supervisor Miley wrote in her Spring 2019 newsletter, “Any form of violence is disgusting.” In effect.

— Eric Mills/Coordinator, Action for Animals/Oakland