Reducing lawn mowing would create problems with ticks: Letters

Reducing lawn mowing would lead to an increase in tick-borne diseases

August 28 — To the editor:

In his recent column, former Portsmouth Councilman Jim Splaine (who I’ve campaigned with in the past) advised New Hampshire residents to reduce their lawn mowing by 25% next year and 50% thereafter, leaving some of their grass uncut for the season, to improve the environment.

In addition to aesthetic and property value issues, this approach can also create health issues. As an avid gardener, I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with ticks and had to seek medical attention as a result. I’ve read articles stating that letting your grass grow too tall can increase the likelihood of being exposed to ticks. Maybe Mr. Splaine can think of better ways to improve our environment without as much inconvenience. I agree with him on using organic products for gardening, but giving up mowing the lawn has too many negative consequences.

Christina Lusky


Tiffany Roberts of South Berwick is an outstanding Maine representative

August 29 — To the editor:

Tiffany Roberts has been an outstanding representative for our city. She is ultra-responsive to requests for information and is always available to listen to constituents’ concerns. In my role as school board superintendent, I have been impressed by her ongoing support of our local schools and her willingness to meet face-to-face with our boards to review concerns and pending legislation that may affect public schools. South Berwick is well served by its presence in the legislature.

Joe Long

South Berwick, Maine

Top Secret Documents: Excessive Government Power or Rule of Law?

August 29 — To the editor:

Concerning the FBI’s seizure of federal documents at Mar-a-Lago, Dan Hurley is furious (letter of August 23).

In order for the FBI to secure the documents belonging to the National Archives that Trump stole, they had to show a federal judge probable cause that criminal activity was taking place at the location to be searched or that evidence of a crime could be there. be found!

This is called the rule of law. Not an ex-president who claims, baselessly, that he declassified the documents! This is called magical thinking.

Hurley further insists that the public didn’t know what was in the highly classified documents Trump shipped to Mar-a-Lago, so how could we comment on or defend the FBI? Still wrong. We knew it. You just had to look at more reliable sources of information than Fox or the Right Wing Echo Chamber. We knew some were secret, others top secret. Top secret is almost always related to national security.

The US government tried for months to get Trump to hand over the documents. Instead, he lied, claiming that all documents had been returned. It was only then, with national security at stake, that the FBI requested a search warrant.

Writers like Mr. Hurley are furious that the FBI has recovered stolen American secrets and accuse the FBI of protecting the country. Amazing!

Let’s see more Republican support for law and order!

Michel Frandzel


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A lawless country worries me more than street riots

August 30 — To the Editor:

It would be great if this country finally had the courage to condemn Trump for the many, many crimes he has committed. Starting with his interference in the Georgian electoral process. The evidence for this is starkly evident from the released recording of his conversation with the Secretary of State in Georgia. Next, the tax evasion schemes of his business in New York. Now his theft of documents belonging to the US government and the American people and this action may have endangered lives around the world. His sycophants such as Senator Lindsey Graham and many others to name them want us to tremble at the thought of Trump being criminally prosecuted for his actions. As someone else said, “I don’t care about riots in the street. I’m afraid to live in a lawless country.

Donna Pare