Recent Incidents Reported at Jefferson | public safety

The following incidents were recently reported by the Jefferson Police Department:

  • walk-in news report where a woman believed someone had stolen her trailer door and chains and damaged the hitch.
  • lost/misplaced property on the highway. 129 where a woman reported that her purse disappeared after putting it down.
  • domestic dispute over River Mist Cir. where family members got into a fight and the incident allegedly turned physical.
  • information on Silverbell Rd. where someone reported that ash and debris from a fire had arrived on their property.
  • criminal trespassing and entering a car on Athens Street where a man reported a muffler had been removed from a vehicle, but was not caught.
  • stalking on Elrod Ave. where a woman thought an ex might be following her. She said the man constantly called and texted her and threatened her.
  • miscellaneous report on Peach Hill Dr. where someone reported that a vehicle was taken without permission.
  • information about Ronald Reagan Ln. where two people argued on social media and one of them asked for his contact details.
  • information about the street in Athens where a woman thought someone was following her. She suspects they might be family members of someone involved in a criminal case involving her family.
  • domestic dispute on Sycamore Street where a woman said a man followed her and banged her window as she got into the car.
  • information on Old Pendergrass Rd. where a shopping cart damaged a vehicle.
  • injury crash on I-85 where two people complained of chest and back pain after five vehicles sank.
  • miscellaneous report on Elrod Ave. where a mailbox has been damaged.
  • information about New Salem Church Rd. where a miner had an apparent explosion, pushing his mother, fighting with his siblings and knocking things off the walls.
  • information about Spratlin Dr. where a woman said a family member came to her house scaring the kids. The man later reported a custody dispute.
  • information about Toy Wright Rd. where a man felt threatened by co-workers and told officers that he “didn’t want anything to come to gun violence”. Later, he told the officers that he didn’t want to hurt himself or anyone else.
  • enter the car on the highway. 129 where a man said someone took his bag from his vehicle. The bag contained credit cards, a gun and a large sum of cash.
  • information on Lee Street where someone reported without an appointment that a former employee had not returned a $5,000 camera and computer.