Public safety tax on the ballot in Collinsville

COLLINSVILLE, Okla. –Collinsville voters will have the opportunity to vote on a half-cent public safety tax on Nov. 8. The money will be used to hire additional staff, expand services and build a new fire station in an up-and-growing part of town.

If the proposal is accepted, city officials say they would like to build a fire station on the west side of town near Highway 20 and Sheridan, but some nearby landlords say they are not necessarily ok as it could be in the middle of several neighborhoods.

Cali Kelly of Collinsville says she hopes the proposal will pass.

“My parents live there. I care more about their safety than paying a little more sales tax,” Kelly said.

Collinsville Police Chief Matt Burke said the current police station would also be expanded if the public safety levy is passed. It would include a larger dispatch center, space to hire more staff, more training rooms, and an expanded detective office.

“It would be a better investment for me. At least my tax money is going to something good,” Kelly said.

Chief Burke says the location of the fire station, which would also include a rescue dispatch center, has not been settled, given community feedback.

“If we can be halfway between Interstate 20 and 136th on Sheridan, that’s the perfect location for our fire department,” Burke said.

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