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City Council Speaker Tony Dolce, Ward II, announced the final details of the Jamestown Public Safety Forum on Wednesday.

The forum will begin at 6:30 p.m. at Darrah Hall at Christ First United Methodist Church, 663 Lakeview Ave.

City Development Manager Crystal Surdyk and Police Chief Timothy Jackson will make brief presentations, and Mayor Eddie Sundquist is also expected to offer his thoughts on some of the challenges facing public safety.

Dolce said Surdyk will talk about neighborhood issues, initiatives and programs, as well as what the city is currently doing to address blight and housing issues.

Jackson will give a presentation on public safety, which will include information on the increase in gun violence, drugs and other safety issues in the community. It will also detail some of the strategies such as working with other agencies and using a targeted app that the police department has implemented to try to alleviate public safety issues in Jamestown.

Dolce said public safety and housing issues are the city’s top priorities.

“I think those are two of the biggest concerns we face in our community,” he said. ‘Voters will inform council of housing issues in their neighborhood and the deterioration and increase in gun violence, drugs and homelessness.’

The public safety forum is something Dolce has wanted to see happen for a long time. He said the forum was something he intended to do, but was prevented from hosting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the recent increase in gun violence across the city provided additional motivation to hold the forum, Dolce said the event was not planned as a result of any particular incident.

“I don’t think there is a specific event,” he said. “It’s something that kind of got pushed back. Certainly with the increase in shootings, violence, guns and many problems that have occurred, I thought it would be an appropriate time to release so much information to the public and engage them in a personal forum to be able to ask specific questions and get answers.

The Town encourages as many people in the community as possible to attend the event. Dolce said the event will help dispel any misinformation in the community about what is being done to handle public safety in the city by giving the public the opportunity to hear firsthand from city officials.

Dolce said he encourages people to come and learn about what the city is doing to address safety issues, even if they don’t have specific questions for city officials. The event will also provide community members with ways to assist the police department and city officials in their efforts to make the city safer.

Based on community participation and feedback at the public safety forum, city officials will incorporate community ideas and feedback while continuing to make policy decisions that improve the safety and stability of the city. town.

“We hope that if we get a good turnout and there are enough questions or maybe some comments or suggestions, we can go back and take a look and take it into account to find possible solutions. and help”, Dolce said.

In addition to the public safety forum, Dolce said the city council is discussing the possibility of using more American Rescue Plan Act funds to cover more equipment, targeted enforcement and overtime.

“We used some of it for public safety, fire and police, adding manpower and equipment,” he said. “There is still room to spend more on this or on other policy changes that could further address these issues.”

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