Princeton’s Population Continues to Slowly Decline | WPKY 103.3 FM

After peaking at just over 7,000 in 1980, Princeton’s population continues to decline according to recent estimates released by the US Census Bureau.

The numbers showed Princeton with 6,204 residents as of July 1, 2021, down 66 residents from the 2020 census total.

In 2010, Princeton had a population of 6,329. The city peaked at 7,073 citizens, according to the 1980 census.

Population estimates last July showed that one in five residents was aged 65 and over, with 28% aged 18 and under.

The numbers also show that Princeton is more diverse than the county with 83% of its citizens white, compared to 13% black and 3.5% Hispanic. Caldwell County is 92% white and 6% black.

62% of Princeton residents own their home worth $75,600, compared to an average of 67% in the state, with an average value of $147,000.

The average rent in Princeton is lower than both the state average and the national average, according to the census. Princeton’s average rent is $648 per month, compared to Kentucky’s $783 and the national average of $1,096.

Figures show that 89% of Princeton households have at least one computer and 85% have a high school diploma, both at or near the state average.

Princetonians drive an average of 25 minutes to work each day, two minutes longer than the state average.

The median household income of Princeton residents is $45,047, which is $3,200 below the county average and $7,000 below the state average.

Interestingly, Princeton does a good job of shopping from home with total retail sales per capita of $26,910 compared to the US average of $15,224 and the state average of $14,430.