Plan adopted to increase County Cork’s population by nearly 60,000 by 2028

Increasing the county’s population by 59,170 people, an overall job growth of 35,502, and reducing the average commute time for commuters are among the county’s major plans included in the new county development plan 2022 -2028 which has been adopted by County Cork. Advice.

The new plan, which is the culmination of a two-year statutory review process, streamlines planning policy in the county by replacing not only the current county development plan, but also the eight district local area plans. municipal and the nine former municipal council plans, which makes eighteen statutory planning documents become one.

It is also the first for the new administrative area of ​​County Cork.

In addition to ensuring full alignment between county-wide strategic issues and local policies, the new streamlined format allows the plan to be more accessible to the public, combining all statutory planning policies.

Presented in six volumes and 3,526 pages, the County Development Plan covers 2,472 goals and a range of topics, including placemaking, housing, marine spatial planning, water services, energy, transport, green infrastructure, cultural heritage, biodiversity and climate change.

It includes plans to ensure population growth with over 22,000 housing units across the county in locations in Metropolitan County Cork, ring and county towns, key villages and rural areas.

Some 648 ha of land are zoned for residential and mixed use.

“A Statement of Intent”

Marking the official launch of the plan, County Cork Mayor Cllr Gillian Coughlan said: “The plan supports the creation of attractive and vibrant places to live, giving people the opportunity to live closer to where they work, revitalizing our towns and villages while preserving our environment.

Mayor Coughlan added that the plan is a “statement of intent.”

“Cork Harbor and the wider County Cork economy are the engine of growth for our region.

“I am confident that investors can view the aims and commitments of County Cork’s development plan as a statement of intent.

“It also shows clearly how Cork County Council will build on an already strong foundation while driving growth to deliver all of Cork’s economic ambitions and deliver a continued quality of life.”

The council described how the plan was prepared during difficult times and said the Covid-19 pandemic required it to explore new ways of working while consulting with members of the public and stakeholders.

This included hosting online meetings, a public webinar and facilitating online submissions.

Commenting on the review process, Cork County Council chief executive Tim Lucey said: ‘As people spend more time at home and in their localities, it has become even more apparent how much it is important that everyone understands the importance of having a say in the issues that shape their living and working environment.

“This was demonstrated by the significant levels of engagement with this plan, with three rounds of public consultations and over 3,000 submissions.

“The public have made an extremely positive contribution to County Cork’s development plan for the next six years,” he added.

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