New York County with the oldest population

They say age is just a number, but the numbers don’t lie: some counties are older than others.

The 24/7 Wall Street website recently published a study of the most populous counties in each state.

Americans are now living longer than ever, primarily due to advances in health care. The average life expectancy for a person in the United States is now 77, 5 years longer than it was in the 1970s. But the fact that people are no longer having children at the same rate as before also skews older figures.

So which New York county are you most likely to break a hip or see a devastating Rascal scooter collision?

Hamilton County in north-central New York State is about the size of Delaware and happens to be the least populated county in the state. According to the 2020 census, Hamilton County had 5,107 permanent residents. Hamilton County is also entirely within Adirondack Park.

Here’s how the data from 24/7 Wall Street broke down:
Median age (years): 55.5 (New York: 39.0)
Population enrolled in college: 2.9% (New York: 7.3%)
Population 18 and under: 15.1% (New York: 22.4%)
Population aged 65 and over: 30.9% (New York: 16.2%)
Total population: 4,454 (New York: 19,514,849)
Number of counties taken into account in the ranking: 62

Unsurprisingly, Hamilton County earned another accolade for New York Counties. In a completely separate study from Stacker, Hamilton County saw the largest percentage drop in population. According to the first study, this could either be because A) they die, or B) they move to a more age-appropriate location. These Adirondack winters can be quite unforgiving.

Based on these two studies, it will be interesting to see the population numbers in Hamilton County after the next census in 2030.

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