DES MOINES, Iowa, November 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A newly founded company called Ironside Systems is reimagining day-to-day operations for public safety officials across the country. The team created a critical asset management tool with first-of-its-kind radio network management, so the critical assets that our first responders depend on are all easily found in a single database.

Ironside is the brainchild of the founders curtis walser and Shawn Wagnerpublic safety professionals here at Iowa. They have seen firsthand how important accurate information is in ensuring public safety and saving an organization’s assets in the event of a disaster. They also experienced the inefficiency of existing tools on the market and realized it was time for a change.

In public safety, a radio is a first responder’s lifeline. If a radio is not programmed correctly, someone may not be able to communicate for a critical period. Ironside will allow organizations to easily track their critical radio assets.

The radio network management feature is not the only outstanding part of this tool. Users can also track different assets (such as people, vehicles, or locations) as well as consumables (like batteries, bandages, and bullets). The matrix-style system makes it easy for users to enter and find information. It also eliminates hours spent sifting through spreadsheets and trying to figure out who edited what.

Another feature that organizations will appreciate is the full lifecycle management of each asset. This is handy for future purchases and in the event of an audit or an unfortunate situation where assets need to be replaced (by flood, fire or other disaster).

The tool was launched at the beginning of August and already has two Iowa municipalities join as initial customers. The founders of Ironside are excited to help other organizations in Iowa and across the country “escape Excel hell” and easily track critical assets.

Any organization that would like to learn more about Ironside and see it for themselves can visit the website and request a demo at

About Ironside Systems: Ironside Systems is a Iowabased on radio whose goal is to provide the most radio-centric asset management tool on the market. The founders created a solution that easily tracks both physical equipment and network information, giving organizations control over their assets.

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