MnDOT Reminds Drivers to Be Vigilant as Traffic Crews Update City Population Signs | News

ROCHESTER, Minnesota – Drivers are reminded to be vigilant as Minnesota Department of Transportation traffic crews update city signs with new census population numbers.

The process takes place every 10 years after US Census figures are confirmed and the work effort can be arranged in conjunction with each of the other routine MnDOT maintenance jobs.

Rochester’s five population signs were updated from 106,769 to 121,395 on Tuesday.

Mike Dougherty, director of public engagement and communications for MnDOT, District 6, says, “It’s a bit of pride – especially as they’ve grown to see this new number grow. This gives them more accuracy and another new step in time.

If you encounter a signal crew, Dougherty says give them enough space to do their job safely.

“If they see the trucks and flashing lights moving, slow down, just make a careful effort. They work as quickly and efficiently as possible, but they also rely on motorists to keep them safe so they get home safely every night as well.

The MnDOT will update more than 200 existing signs in the 11 county district of southeastern Minnesota.

The Byron and Stewartville signs have also been updated and work will continue through the summer.