Mayor of Clare hopes for review of population targets governing ‘imminent’ county development plan

Photo (c) Clare County Council

The Mayor of Clare hopes that the population targets governing the county’s development plan will be revised shortly.

This follows criticism of the draft plan from Lisseycasey councilor PJ Kelly, who believes limiting county expansion will cause panic among the public.

At a special meeting of elected officials yesterday afternoon, submissions on the county’s draft 2023-2029 development plan were reviewed, before the plan was approved by councilors for public consultation.

However, an adviser declined to back the draft plan, fearing the final draft would be forced to conform to ‘a Dublin agenda’.

Lisseycasey-based Fianna Fáil adviser PJ Kelly took a stand against the plan in its current form, citing concerns over the lack of advice on the legality of adhering to limits on population expansion over the next six years about 3,000 people.

He also challenged the criteria for recognizing farmers in the plan – with a specific area needed before farmers can build unique homes.

The plan is expected to be released in late November, but Councilor Kelly believes public concerns will not be considered when finalizing the plan.

In the meantime, the Mayor of Clare is confident that the county’s development plan is balanced and will serve the people of Clare well.

Responding to concerns highlighted by Councilor Kelly, Killaloe Councilor Tony O’Brien said no member of council or executive is happy with the population targets set by the office of the planning regulator.

However, the Cathaoirleach insists that the draft plan does not include such limitations and that the issue will be addressed before the final plan is adopted in the spring.

Councilor O’Brien expects the limitation to be reviewed shortly.

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