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Published on June 24, 2022 at 2:45 p.m.

The state is looking at the quality and quantity of fish in Mauch Chunk Lake to see how the ecosystem is doing.

Recently, Daryl Pierce, regional director of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, spoke with the Carbon County Parks and Recreation Commission about the state’s current project to see how the fish population in the lake is doing.

He said the state has been assessing various fish populations since March and is currently assessing the bass population.

Mauch Chunk Lake is part of the Big Bass program, which means there are fish 15 inches and larger in the waters.

“I want to make sure the big bass ponds are doing what they’re supposed to do to produce big bass and make sure other fish populations are doing well,” he told the commission.

Pierce noted that the lake as a whole is great for bass, but worries that there aren’t enough trophy-sized fish to give hobbyists and average anglers a big bass experience.

“The other side of the lake is the perfect habitat for bass and the upper side of the lake is a nursery for bass,” he said. “You are in a perfect scenario for bass fishing.”

Pierce said the state will look at the bass it catches on trips on the lake and see the size of the fish.

“If only 5% is over the limit (by 15 inches), then are we giving anglers a great experience?” He asked.

He added that other fish, such as yellow perch, are in “robust populations” at Mauch Chunk.

Overall though, Pierce said the fish population is doing well.

“The lake has been very stable in producing quality fish and bass in the past,” Pierce said. “I think you have a big lake there.”

Rick Forgay, commissioner and frequent fisherman on Mauch Chunk Lake, asked what adjustments could be made if the large bass population is smaller than expected.

Pierce said that based on the state’s findings, he will return with a report in early winter to provide more information and suggestions on growing the trophy fish population and maintaining a lake. strong fishing, such as reducing the exploitable size of fish and capping the number of larger bass can be caught.

Mauch Chunk Lake is a popular fishing spot among locals. AMY MILLER/TIMES NEWS

Four-year-old Jordan Miller of Nesquehoning touches a pike that was recently caught in Mauch Chunk Lake.