Late candidate working on a book

Aug. 30 – CONCORD – Lincoln entrepreneur Vikram Mansharamani’s Republican bid for the US Senate is trailing badly in the polls, but at least he could draw a book from the experience.

The latest poll released Tuesday had removed Gen. Don Bolduc from Stratham, widening his lead over his four main GOP rivals.

Bolduc led 43% to 22% for Senate Speaker Chuck Morse of Salem. Durham Bitcoin millionaire Bruce Fenton and Mansharamani each had 5% with former Londonderry City Manager Kevin Smith holding 3%, according to the University of New Hampshire Survey Center’s Granite State Poll.

The remaining 22% chose someone else (2%) or were undecided (20%).

The poll found with likely GOP primary voters that Gov. Chris Sununu and former President Donald Trump have equal strength when it comes to potential approval.

As for Sununu, 35% said those supported by Sununu would impact their vote in the September 13 primary; 36% said Trump’s endorsement would influence them.

Among those sitting on the fence, however, Trump’s decision could have more impact.

Among the only undecided, 21% said Sununu’s decision could move them while 41% said Trump’s endorsement could affect them, according to the poll.

A key adviser said Trump will weigh in on this race; Sununu hasn’t ruled it out and sources say he would likely go with Morse.

Before becoming a first-time candidate for any office last spring, Mansharamani, 48, was a successful adviser on financial trends, commanding as much as $50,000 per speech.

Also today on Amazon, Mansharamani’s original hardcover book, “Boombustology: Spotting Financial Bubbles Before They Burst,” sells for $42.

In 2020 he wrote his second book, “Think for Yourself: Restoring Common Sense in an Age of Experts and Artificial Intelligence” which, in hardcover, was selling online for $12.43 a copy.

Seven chapters already written

The union leader confirmed that Mansharamani was working to turn his campaign experience into the outline of a book, tentatively titled “Vikram Means Business”.

The candidate has already written seven chapters on topics including tackling inflation, confronting China and tackling cancel culture.

The draft mentions the union leader’s articles and other media that have covered his campaign.

Throughout this run, Mansharamani has focused on his personal story, the son of two Indian immigrants who became a wealthy investor, Ivy League teacher and financial guru.

“I lived the American dream but that dream is now in jeopardy,” Mansharamani wrote in the draft of his book.

“Inflation is skyrocketing. Gasoline and grocery prices are crushing household budgets. Our country has left our enemies. Families have to choose between heating and eating. opinions to the contrary are censored.”

Mansharamani said the country was torn apart.

“America is a great nation, but we find ourselves at a particularly fragile time. We are polarized, divided, and faith in our institutions seems to be sinking lower every day,” he wrote.

“The current trajectory is, without a doubt, unsustainable.”

Mansharamani has raised less than 3% of his money from New Hampshire residents, relying instead on donors from the business contacts he has in Omaha, Nebraska and elsewhere.

Last week, Newsmax did not consider him important enough to be on its televised debate stage featuring the other four leading candidates.

Morse and Bolduc urged Newsmax to reconsider, but Mansharamani was kicked out of the event.

Instead, he hosted a telephone town hall hours before the prime-time debate.

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