Isla Vista swells by thousands as 2022 school year population arrives

ISLA VISTA, Calif. — The population of Isla Vista is growing by the thousands this week as students arrive for the new school year.

This will mean a bustling scene for housing, restaurants and retail.

The influx of residents is expected to increase by more than 10,000 and could be double depending on the number of students living and studying in this normally crowded community next to UC Santa Barbara.

Housing has been a critical issue on Isla Vista over the past year. Some students lived in hotel rooms due to the lack of rooms around the university.

For students looking for resources, there are many areas of assistance. They include the Isla Vista Community Service District, UCSB staff, the Isla Vista Foot Patrol Office, and student associates.

Isla Vista businesses will also see a boost. Many have struggled during the COVID crisis with few students in and around the area.

It’s a week for college students to fill up their dorms and, in many cases, grab a new bike.

UCSB requires students to have a California state bicycle license. This is obtained at the campus police office. Registration is valid for three years. Unregistered bicycles are subject to impoundment.

The new student convocation is September 19, on the main campus lawn.

The first day of training is September 22.

(More details, photos and videos will be added here later today)