Iowa’s smallest town has a population of less than 15 people

We can complain about our small hometowns all we want, but there are two in Iowa that have cornered the market.

When I first moved to QC I was always asked “Why?“. My hometown is maybe half the size of Davenport and believe me it’s attractive moving to a totally different place in the country where nobody knows anything about you because they haven’t heard from your brother’s friend’s hairdresser.

Small towns abound in the Midwest, but there are two towns in Iowa that are truly tiny, but still incorporated towns. And one has roots that you certainly know.

The population sizes of Iowa’s two smallest cities have fluctuated (but not much) in recent years, but they’re about even.

According to Iowa HomeTownLocator, the population of Le Roy, Iowa in July 2022 there were 11 people. The King was born during railroad construction in the late 1800s.

It is in Decatur County and has an area of ​​just 0.33 square miles.

Not far behind Le Roy is Beaconsfield, Iowa, which is actually the birthplace of Hy-Vee grocery stores. The estimated population in Beaconsfield, according to World Population Review, is around 15 people.

City of Beaconsfield, Iowa Facebook

City of Beaconsfield, Iowa Facebook

Hy-Vee isn’t this small town’s only claim to fame. It is also the home of astronaut Peggy Whitson, a space travel pioneer who still holds the record for longest time in space by an American.

Beaconsfield is close to Le Roy and was also established during the construction of the railway.

Geographically, it’s just a bit larger than Le Roy, at just 0.72 square miles.

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