I will take public safety seriously.

Lexington was ranked the third safest city in America just four years ago when my opponent was first elected. Today, Lexington is near the top of the 2022 murder rate charts. The police department is currently 115 officers short of full capacity. I got the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police because they know I will take public safety seriously.

This year, due to underfunding, overwork and understaffing, Emergency 911 received over 1,000 calls with a two-minute wait time. While prosecutors and judges are forced to bail violent criminals because our corrections officers are understaffed by 118 officers. This is all because the city council is not focused on public safety.

I challenge every member of the media and public to demand transparency by making an open records request to the City of Lexington. Ask to see all city council spending, ask them to include their cost center and neighborhood development funds. Have the request run from January 1, 2018 to today. Be sure to ask that they include all receipts.

As a board member, I will ensure that we put the safety of our public first. I will be sure to work on economic development as we need increased funds to cover the expenses of the historically significant budget passed this year. I will support affordable housing and homeless initiatives. I will advocate for the proper use of taxpayers’ money.

On November 8, ROCK THE VOTE.