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In about a month, voters in the 5th District will choose between two candidates who want to represent them on the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors.

Incumbent Steve Madrone, a natural resources consultant elected in 2018, takes on Larry Doss, a broker and president of Ming Tree Realtors, for the 5th District supervisor seat on June 7.

On Monday, the couple answered questions from community groups about their stance on various issues such as COVID-19 vaccinations and public safety spending during a virtual forum hosted by KMUD News Director Lauren Schmitt.

Here are some of their opinions on a few key issues.

Fund the police? No thanks

When asked if they support reallocating funds from law enforcement agencies to community programs, both candidates said they disagreed with cutting funding to police departments.

Madrone said he supports training officers in de-escalation techniques and hiring qualified social workers, noting the collaboration between the county’s Department of Health and Human Services and the Eureka Police Department on the program. of the mobile response services team.

“I believe we need people trained with MPs so that we can actually help people on the streets and help them get into programs that can change their lives,” Madrone said.

Doss said he was not in favor of reallocating funds from public safety, but was in favor of adding funds for education and outreach programs with community groups that could complement the policing efforts.

“Public safety needs to be left out and maybe improved,” Doss said.

Doss said he will protect and try to increase the sheriff’s office budget and help facilitate training and cooperation with other programs if needed.

Health insurance for all

Candidates’ views on health care and how COVID-19 was handled differed more.

Madrone said he supports universal, single-payer health care that would eliminate insurers. At a recent supervisors’ meeting, Madrone introduced a resolution that would show the county’s support for Medicare For All legislation at the federal level.

Doss said he believes there is a solution to high health care costs, but he will leave it up to doctors and medical professionals to define what that solution is. He added that he supported removing the middleman, the insurer, rather than passing federal legislation.

“I love the concept of healthcare for all and I think there’s something about it,” Doss said. “I just need to dive in and make sure everything works.”

The climate crisis

Madrone’s approach to the climate crisis offers incentives for people to change their behavior, while Doss said technological innovation will provide solutions to the climate crisis for years to come.

The number one source of greenhouse gas emissions in the county is transportation, but none of the candidates said anyone in their district could reasonably be expected to go anywhere. she might need to go in 15 minutes without a car.

Madrone said infill development is important for reducing the number of people driving. This type of development will ensure residences are built in areas that already have jobs, services and transit options, and Madrone said the county could also encourage these all-electric developments.

Limiting transportation shouldn’t come at the expense of the rural lifestyle people want to live in remote parts of the county, Doss said, pointing to a company experimenting with a plant-based fuel that could replace diesel and gasoline. jet fuel.

“It has to be in our minds as a really critical issue,” Doss said, “so that we don’t isolate people.”

Watch the full two-hour forum at bit.ly/3kCmWoS.

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