Elderly man charged with child molestation: Superior Court

BRENTWOOD, NH – The following people have been charged in Rockingham County Superior Court.

Patrick George Stitt, 48, of Middle Road in Belmont on a charge of criminal possession of methamphetamine on May 11, 2021, in Brentwood.

Todd Allyn Sweet, 46, of Middle Street in Portsmouth, charged with burglary and second degree assault, domestic violence and strangulation, the two crimes. He was charged with robbing a flat in Portsmouth and strangling an intimate partner on November 20, 2021.

Joan Tew, 68, with a last known address from Kings Highway to Hampton for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle or rental property and theft by unauthorized pick-up, both felonies. She was charged with failing to return a 2017 Nissan Versa between March 9 and April 4, 2019 at Key-Rent-A-Car in Portsmouth.

Cassandra Thibodeau, 24, of Crowley Road in Candia, charged with criminal possession of crack cocaine, Nov. 7, 2021, in Salem.

Travis Michael Vachon, 34, of Loudon Road in Concord for a felony driving while certified as a repeat offender. He was charged with driving on Sandown Road in Chester on May 12, 2021, after being deemed a repeat offender by the NH DMV.

Justin William Varney, 18, of Colby Road in Danville on a second degree felony charge of assault-strangulation-domestic violence and a charge of domestic violence-simple assault. He was charged with choking and punching an intimate partner in the face, causing broken blood vessels in his eye, on Dec. 30, 2021, in Danville.

Guy Velez, 34, of Washington Street in Haverhill, Massachusetts, charged with criminal possession of fentanyl on October 7, 2021 in Salem.

Lakyn N. Weber, 33, of Emery Street in Sanford, Maine, for possession of fentanyl and repeat offender charges, both felonies. She was charged with drug possession and driving on Bartlett Street in Portsmouth on May 3, 2021, after being deemed a repeat offender by the NH DMV.

Justin R. Woolf, 24, of Belvidere Street in Laconia, charged with burglary. He was charged with robbing Monro Muffler in Stratham between October 9 and October 18, 2021.

Dylan M. Wright, 25, of Ocean Boulevard in Hampton, charged with attempted assault by prisoners, felony and criminal threat charge. He was charged with deliberately throwing himself at a corrections sergeant and threatening an officer and/or sergeant by shouting, “I’m going to fuck you both, come on man, I’m going to take you all away. two”, or words to that. effect at the Rockingham County House of Corrections on December 17, 2021 in Brentwood.

Debra K. Zolla, 46, of Douglas Drive in Candia for possession of carisoprodol with intent to distribute charges, a felony, June 17, 2021, in Candia.

David Zuzelo, 75, of SW Camino Doce Road in Deming, New Mexico, for felony sexual assault and three charges of aggravated felony sexual assault. He was charged with repeatedly kissing, fondling and sexually assaulting a girl between March 6, 2006 and March 5, 2009 in Chester.

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