Cook County Council’s District 9 Democratic candidates weigh in on public safety

Gun control and public safety are top concerns for Democratic candidates for Cook County Board District 9.

Maggie Trevor, Sam Kukadia, Frank McPartlin and Heather Anne Boyle are vying for a chance to run against the winner of the Republican primary in the general election. The seat is currently held by Republican Peter Silvestri, who is not running for election.

“Specifically, when it comes to Chicago and the suburbs and what that means for our district, we need to control guns in our area,” said Trevor, 59, of Rolling Meadows, who is in market research. with Trevor Research Services LLC.

It supports universal background checks on anyone purchasing firearms.

“I agree with the recent passage of a ban on ghost weapons,” she said. “We need to move society forward, limit firearms that fire large amounts of ammunition” in a short time.

Trevor said she wasn’t entirely comfortable with Chicago’s imposed curfew. “I think it can be abused too easily by arresting children who are not involved in violent activities. But we need to be able to control our parks and public spaces,” she added.

Chicago’s Kukadia, a 47-year-old civil engineer, said he applauded Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for the curfew.

“We have to find a way to bring this thing under control. And downtown is the lifeblood of Chicago. It brings in tourist money,” he said. “Crime and the perceived notion of crime in our district is relevant. And the things that are going on right now in terms of moving beaten up cops from northern districts to other districts, it’s also exacerbating the problems in some of the local districts.”


McPartlin, 64, of Niles, said there was no reason for anyone to have an assault weapon. “It’s a weapon that has only one purpose, which is to kill,” he said.

McPartlin said gun companies that sell assault weapons should be prosecuted. He also thinks electronic surveillance should be taken out of the hands of a private company and given to the sheriff’s office.

Boyle, 36, of Norridge, a records clerk with the Des Plaines Police Department, said county prosecutors and judges are responsible for keeping people safe.

“This process should not be soft on criminals,” she said, adding that cash bail procedures should remain part of the court process, while electronic surveillance should be kept to a minimum.

“The county should not be redirecting law enforcement funding,” she said, adding that she supports increased funding for police. “The county should assist local law enforcement programs and increase visible patrols throughout Cook County.”

The 9th District includes parts of Arlington Heights, Mount Prospect, Prospect Heights, and Des Plaines.