Commissioners’ plan aims to manage Lincoln County’s prairie dog population

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – Lincoln County Commissioners are using state law to address a rodent problem seen across the county. Black-tailed prairie dogs can damage roads and harm livestock. Lincoln County Commissioners create a management plan that allows citizens to flag areas of concern and allows landowners to manage their nearby settlements.

“If you are a property owner, do what you can to alleviate the problem,” Lincoln County Commissioner Chris Bruns said. “A complaint could be filed, and the county will have to respond to it.”

The county roads department hopes to monitor the areas more closely. The county commissioners hope that implementing a blanket advisory will give property owners enough time to resolve the issues.

On Monday, Lincoln County commissioners also discussed an inter-local agreement with the city. This agreement stems from the countywide housing issue. As of Aug. 1, there were 54 homes on the market across the county and at least 30 are located in North Platte. Experts say that for a healthy housing market, there must be 100 homes or more.

The agreement allows the city and county to apply for a grant and receive more funding as joint entities.

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