Column: Productive public safety on party politics and partisan ways! Why LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva Deserves Another Four Years!

By Nick Antonicello

Is there a Democratic or Republican way to reduce homeless encampments and tackle rising crime?

Do politics and partisan games have a place in the selection of LA’s top law enforcement officer?

The answer is obvious and the answer is no!

For Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva, the Spanish-speaking ‘law and order’ Democrat understands that county’s streets aren’t safe and his reform measures are working, but he’s ironically being punished by law enforcement officers. left for “biting the hand that feeds you”. .”

For clubhouse machine insiders like Mark Gonzalez, the chairman of the almighty LA Democratic Party, it’s offended that Sheriff Villanueva isn’t a political extension of the backroom politics he practices and like the church and state, politics deserves no role in the operation, management and deployment of the sheriff’s office.

For Villanueva is an ‘old school’ political throwback who wears a cowboy hat and believes his office should be owned and run by sworn officers and law enforcement specialists who will not cave in to the law. political agenda of a party leader or a pro.

He thinks he answers to the people and not to the politicians!

Because politics has no place in the sheriff’s office and the fact that the incumbent has made that delineation obvious is a good thing for taxpayers and residents alike.

For Villanueva is a New Democrat, like Mayor’s hopeful Rick Caruso, an LA version of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg where professionalism and results trump party politics and liberal leanings that shouldn’t play any role in the operation of a county-wide law enforcement agency.

Villanueva displayed his independence from the status quo when he made a point of coming to Venice Beach and ending the failed liberal carnage of hundreds of foreign migrants living in Third World conditions and destroying what the trade and tourism had left. the failed policies of incumbent Mayor Eric Garcetti and now ousted Councilman Mike Bonin, the hapless ‘lame duck’ was now headed for the exits as his destructive and inactive policies at Venice Beach nearly killed Venice Beach’s #1 tourist destination the state before the pandemic and COVID-19[FEMININE![FEMININE!

And Villanueva’s tough stances on crime are working, as polling data shows Villanueva has favorable odds of 55-24 in a county that now has a majority of Hispanics who, like him, realize crime is a problem. key and that homelessness increases this burden for residents and taxpayers.

Because good is now good and evil is now evil with Sheriff Villanueva in charge!

You’d think a popular new Democratic sheriff like Villanueva would be embraced by integrated party loyalists, but instead he’s been unjustly maligned due to his harsh criminal record that voters love, respect, and want!

Here in Venice, Sheriff Villanueva was adopted as his favorite political son who was praised for his work cleaning up the beach at the annual holiday billboard lighting attended by thousands of Venetians who were fed up with politics failures of Bonin and his homeless “defund-the-police” minions and antagonists!

As June 7 approaches, there is simply no alternative to the incumbent and one wonders what another law enforcement official would have done better than the stellar record of one of elected most accomplished here in Los Angeles today?

For many, I know I was hoping the sheriff would return his cowboy hat for a stab at the LA mayor’s office, but as it becomes clear that businessman and developer Rick Caruso will assume that office, it’s good to know that Alex Villanueva will build-out of his crime-focused policies that have had a real and distinct impact on the quality of life here in Venice, and those same quality-of-life improvements need to be extended to the whole county in the future.

And while Centennial Park continues to spawn more crime as the transient population grows, we hope Sheriff Villanueva will deploy the same tactics and proposals from the campaign of CD-11 council candidate Mike Newhouse, a Venetian from long standing that calls for a 30 day plan to remove all encampments upon taking office.

We hope the Sheriff will come to Venice and perhaps join others in building an urgent and passionate movement of these people from the outside in with the mental health services and rehabilitation needed to get a life back. productive and meaningful.

Because if there’s an easy decision on June 7, it’s the election of Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva for a second term.

Nick Antonicello is a longtime Venetian who covers the local political scene as it impacts Venice. Member of the Outreach & Oceanfront committees of the Venice District Council, he can be contacted by e-mail at [email protected]

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