City Council meets tonight to discuss nightlife safety

The West Hollywood City Council will host a nightlife safety study session tonight. The five council members will be joined by representatives from the Public Safety Commission, Lesbian and Gay Advisory Council, Women’s Advisory Council and Transgender Advisory Council to review and discuss a report from city staff. The public is encouraged to participate by correspondence.


Members of the public wishing to comment on matters before City Council are strongly encouraged to submit written correspondence to [email protected] by 2:00 p.m. on Monday, April 25. Note: Your comments and information will become part of the official public record. If you
do not want your personal information on official record, please do not include your address and/or telephone number. To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) will be available for testing at the meeting. If special assistance to attend this meeting is required (for example, an American Sign Language interpreter for the deaf or hard of hearing), you should call or submit your request in writing to the City Clerk’s Office at (323) 848- 6800 at least 48 hours before the meeting. The City TTY line is (323) 848-6496.
Special meeting-related accommodations (eg, transportation) can be provided upon written request to the City Clerk’s office at least 48 hours prior to the meeting. For more information on public transportation, call 323.GO.METRO (323/466-3876) or go to If you would like additional information on any item appearing on this agenda, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (323) 848-6800