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San Francisco-based Remoov, which describes itself as a decluttering and resale service, says it received $2.4 million in new funding from a “real estate mogul with a passion for social change.” [who] supports the decluttering startup’s drive to increase charity recycling and reduce landfill waste.

According to the public relations spokesperson representing Remoov, the company first seeks to refurbish and resell any items it obtains, but Remoov will “responsibly dispose of any remaining items at appropriate recycling facilities.”

In a summary of its past activities, Remoov says it has diverted 560,000 cubic feet of materials from landfills since its inception.

Operating in the San Francisco Bay Area, Phoenix and South Florida, Remoov says it helps homeowners and businesses “get rid of and recycle their used goods in four ways: by picking up what that the owners do not want; sell what they can for the benefit of the owner; give what they can; and responsibly dispose of any remaining items. »

Remoov so far has reduced the 12 million tons of annual waste from US landfills by about 3,150 tons. “Sustainability is at the heart of our business, [and] our investors have a vested interest in backing companies that have an impact beyond profitability,” says Luis Perez, Founder of Remoov.

“We are intentional in our business practices and believe that as global citizens we have a responsibility to prioritize environmental safety and ensure a healthy planet for future generations. support from investors who align with our ideals and want to help us make the world a better place.

Inspired by its impact, To delete says investor Gary Acosta of LAT VC, a venture capital firm set up to invest in Latino-led tech companies, made the new investment in the company.

“When we evaluate potential investments, we look at the growth potential of the business as well as its impact on our society,” says Acosta, founding partner of LAT VC. “In 2022, when real estate is at an all-time high and we are in the midst of a global climate change crisis, Remoov is uniquely positioned to provide a service that can help every home and every business while reducing global waste. .”