Cal Poly Humboldt UPD hires students as public safety ambassadors – KIEM-TV

Arcata, California. (KIEM) – The Cal Poly Humboldt University Police Department has hired a group of college students to serve as public safety ambassadors. The Public Safety Ambassador Program aims to increase public safety as well as better connect students with UPD, campus staff, faculty, and the community.

Cal Poly Humboldt University Police Lieutenant and Deputy Chief Peter Cress told us about the program.

“We are a student-centric organization. One of the things I love about being on the college police department is that we’re not just law enforcement, but we have this mission to support education. of the students we serve,” Cress said. “The goal of the PSA program is really to foster a connection with the community. It’s really the evolution of calls from years past for alternative ways to connect with the police department… And, you know, we’ve heard those calls”

Initiated just three weeks ago, students serving as public safety ambassadors are already providing crucial services on campus. Alejandro Cerero is a senior at Cal Poly Humboldt. He is also one of the new public safety ambassadors.

“I can transfer students from the Comfort Inn to the Library Circle or vice versa,” Cerero said. “And we walk around campus, making sure everything is safe and there’s no illegal stuff, or anything that we have to report and the police have to deal with.”

Cerero said he and his fellow public safety ambassadors are also working at the counter and learning to perform live scans.

One of the main objectives of the program is to foster new growth, for the students and for the university.

“I’m going to get that experience and take it wherever I go,” Cerero said.

“I find myself really hoping that in three, five, ten years, you know, the next UPD officer is working as a PSA. Right now,” Cress said. “I can see sergeants, lieutenants and leaders coming from this group. This is a really, really exceptional group of young people.

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