Business Growth in Hardin County as Population Grows

Frankie Randazzo’s plans for a family business in Lumberton include a 5-acre lot that will house a sports bar with an adjoining mini-golf course.

LUMBERTON, Texas — A population boom, made up mostly of families, has hit Hardin County.

This boom is prompting entrepreneurs to take notice and start more family businesses in the region.

Frankie Randazzo, owner of Madison’s in Beaumont, says Lumberton is the perfect place to expand.

“There’s definitely a need in this town for a family restaurant, or a destination for people to do something, see some live music,” Randazzo said.

With an increase in business openings in Lumberton, Chamber of Commerce executive director Sandra Womack says it’s an investment in the town.

“It’s just amazing to see businesses that believe in this community and want to come and be a part of it,” Womack said.

Lumberton has no property taxes within the city limits, so Womack says a business boom will be very good for the city.

“It’s solely funded by sales taxes, so the more businesses there are, the more people buy locally, the more the city is able to do,” Womack said.

Randazzo has unveiled its new plans for a family business in Lumberton, which includes a 5-acre lot that will house a sports bar with adjoining mini-golf.

“We’re excited to bring a family-style restaurant, large dining room, children’s play area, 18-hole miniature golf course and a few other surprises we’re working on,” he said. declared.

In 2021, Lumberton saw 37 new businesses, according to business newspaper Beaumont. So far in 2022, there are 20.

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