Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo, School Superintendent Dr. Samuel Lee and Director of Public Safety William McVey held a press conference today at Cornwells Elementary School on Hulmeville Rd.

The Bensalem Township School District has launched a school bus safety program in partnership with the Bensalem Township Police Department to protect our children. All school buses in the district are now equipped with safety technology, including stop cameras designed to detect vehicles that illegally pass stopped school buses. This safety initiative aims to curb unsafe motorist behavior around school buses and make the journey to and from school safer for all student drivers. This innovative program will be put online at the start of the next school year.

Penalties for passing a school bus with the stop arm extended and red lights flashing will be a civil fine of $300. If the violation is deemed egregious by the police department after reviewing the video evidence, the owner/driver will not be civilly cited, they will receive a citation with a $250 fine, 5 points on your driving record and a 60 automatique. one-day suspension of your driving privileges if convicted.

The safety of our children is very important to the Bensalem Township School District and the Bensalem Township Police Department.

Please see the PA Department of Transportation video below for laws regarding driver duties when approaching a school bus with the stop arm extended and red signals flashing.

NOTE: The majority of Street Road through Bensalem Township is a two lane road in each direction with a center turn lane with no physical barrier. This means ALL traffic must stop in both directions when a school bus is stopped with its warning signals activated. These violations WILL be cited using this new technology.

Click HERE for more information on the program.