Bloomfield Township voters approve new public safety mile

Voters in Bloomfield Township firmly said yes on Tuesday to a new public safety mile that is supposed to mean more police and firefighters and a greater ability to deal with issues like inflation.

Unofficial Oakland County results show 8,497 votes in favor of the 3.89 million annual levy and 5,062 against.

“I love the police, fire and rescue workers, and they deserve everything they can get,” PJ McAmis said on August 2. “They deserve rewards, recognition and good working conditions. They do a great job and I’m all for supporting them as best I can.”

The new higher mileage replaces two annual public safety levies now totaling 3.2879 mils.

It is expected to raise about $18.2 million in the first year and provide better public safety services in future years, which police and fire chiefs say is badly needed.

A vote sign in Bloomfield Township points to new wards at West Maple Elementary on August 2, 2022.

Joel and Mindy Young also endorsed the tax hike.

“We regularly support the resources police and fire departments need to keep the community safe,” said Joel Young, adding that the couple also voted in favor of school mileage. “One of the reasons we moved to this community is that it has traditionally supported strong social services: police, fire and education.”

Bloomfield Township police and fire chiefs could not immediately be reached for comment.

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