Blaine County Education Foundation raises over $80,000 for local teachers | Community

With help from other local groups, the Blaine County Education Foundation awarded a record 65 grants worth more than $80,000 to local teachers in 2021, the organization announced Dec. 19.

These grants are intended to provide financial support for educational materials that would normally be outside of teacher budgets, according to BCEF, a nonprofit organization that focuses on community resources and fundraising for students in the district. Blaine County school. All requests for this year were over $3,000 and the majority of requests were for curriculum support. The Foundation expects materials purchased with these grants to support and nurture student learning for years to come, executive director Kristy Heitzman said in the announcement.

These grants are offered to the foundation and are intended to provide new teaching materials and resources to staff members who bring “innovative ideas, concepts and enrichment” to maximize learning opportunities for their students, Heitzman said.

This year, the organization received the most applications for these grants to date and also distributed the largest dollar amount of grants awarded in BCEF history. The grant money has reached every school in the district, the Foundation said. Purchases included a new vision tester for school nurses and model rockets to help high school students learn about the Pythagorean theorem.

“Through the support of our donors and grants from community foundations such as the Wood River Women’s Foundation and the Nicholas Martin Jr. Family Foundation, BCEF has donated more than $80,000 in materials to teachers and schools to support students” , Heitzman said in a statement.