Billings City Council Discusses How Public Safety Tax and Marijuana Options Tax Could Be Spent | New

BILLINGS, Mont. — This evening in Down city Billings at VSity Heverything, VSity VSboard members discussed how voter approved Mill Levy for Public Safety and the money from the Marijuana Option tax will be spent.

Town VSthe board heard from various members of the community as well as organizations such as Hhealth by Ddesign and RriverSYour Health FFoundation spending a total of $800,000 to improve issues like public safety, substance abuse, and preventive care solutions for mental health.

Although many proposals have been made, no decision has been made tonight.

During public comments, a woman raised concerns about nearby safety issues St.from Elmo av.

river stone Hhealth offered choice for funds to go to NOTurse-Ffamily Ppartnership, a support system that helps improve the lives of pregnant women, vulnerable mothers.

I spoke with VShris KukulskiVSity Aadministrator, he say it Nurse-Family Partnership is a preventive solution that not only targets vulnerable mothers, but promotes a stable environment for child development.

Chris says, “We are talking about hundreds of families in Yellowstone County which could benefitrom and we as a community could benefit. If this child really has a better opportunity in life to get a education, stay in the education system, stay in the job market, and stay out of the criminal justice system. Aall the things that lead to a healthy city and a healthier community. »