Bath County receives over $800,000 for public safety

Governor Andy Beshear issued two checks for a new facility for emergency management services and sidewalk safety

BATH COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – A few checks were written for Bath County on Monday by Gov. Andy Beshear. This money should fund two different public safety issues. Community members gathered outside the Bath County Courthouse Annex for the presentation. The first check for $750,000 will go to a new facility for emergency management services in Bath County.

Because there is no hospital in the county, this new building will replace the current building on Rowland Avenue. According to Governor Beshear, this new facility will have four bays to accommodate 8 vehicles. It will also give emergency responders more space and the ability to reach people faster.
The second check for over $72,000 was given to the town of Salt Lick.
He is expected to help with sidewalks where public safety has been an issue

“Today’s announcements will help keep people safe and help save lives. One means abulence will get to you faster, the other means you’ll be safer. and walk into a store where everyone goes,” Governor Beshear said.

According to Beshear, the money came from a federal transportation program and community development block grants.