A non-profit organization is trying to combat the overpopulation of cats


The non-profit group “Friends of Tazewell County Community Cats” reports that there are nearly five thousand feral cats at different colonies in the county.

The group’s founder says the best way to curb the cat population is what’s called “tnr”. It means trap, sterilize or sterilize, and come back.

“The colony itself over time will shrink. Cats can produce kittens at four months. She can continue to produce cats after that as soon as the kittens are weaned, she goes straight back into heat. said founder Sharon Shinall.

Shinall says another problem is the lack of spaying and neutering clinics available in the area, leading to people leaving cats to form colonies as they fend for themselves.

“We really need neutering and neutering clinics in Tazewell County, we need them for every county here, but Tazewell County is a good central location.” Shinall said.

Until this clinic is done, the nonprofit organization often drives 6 hours round trip to a clinic in Roanoke to get community cats repaired. On average, 40 cats per month undergo this procedure at a cost of between $2 and $3,000. To help with these costs, they are hosting a fundraiser at the Purple Art Studio in Tazewell.

“When she contacted me to create this fundraiser, I just thought it would be the best idea because I know there is a problem in our area and I love that someone is trying to do something about it.” said Violet Asbury of Violet Studio.

The event will be a painting class with a silent auction, it will take place at Violet Studio on September 17th. For more information, visit their website at thevioletstudio.com

If you would like to help even more, contact Sharon through the Friends of Tazewell County Community Cats Facebook page.